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As you consider the benefits of building accessible websites, mobile applications, and cloud-based products, we have considered you.

General Counsel

The volume of lawsuits and demand letters has increased at an astounding pace—and is only accelerating. Accessibility is a concept that has entered the business world with tremendous velocity and ferocity. The consequences of not offering accessible experiences are costly and brand‐debilitating.

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Chief Digital Officer & Customer Experience Leader

CDOs and Customer Experience (CX) leaders are charged with delivering business growth. People who are VPs E-Commerce, growth marketers, SEO leads, accessibility gurus, and everyone interested in universal design – building digital environments to be accessed, understood and used by all people – all benefit from truly accessible experiences.

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Chief Product Officer

Chief Product Officers and Product Managers and their teams provide robust leadership in building accessible digital products. There are legal requirements, best practices in VPAT creation, and the goal of creating a product that is usable by everyone.

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